which one is better for ps5 and xbox series x/s

philips picopix max or max one?

Too early to say!
Plus I have nearly given up trying to get one.

The Xbox looks better and on paper should be better. But Developers will make their stuff to support both system and unless you have both system you won’t know which one does a better job with graphic’s. Also i like the triggers on the PS5 Controller.

The GPU’s in both consoles is good for a console but will struggle with the latest titles next year, so Games will look a bit trashes on both systems in the future.

I don’t really see the point of the Xbox you might as well put the cash into a PC and save in the long run with games prices on PC or just wait for them to go free on the Epic store etc.

I highly assume you understood OP incorrectly, he was asking about the two projector Version “PPX” and “PPX One”, not what console is the better option.

To be fair, when i read the title without paying too much attention, I also thought this is about PS5 vs Xbox LOL
I only realized it when I read the OP’s actual post :smiley:

Anyway, I would say it depends on your setup and preference. Input lag is better on PPM than PPM One although I think they are trying to make it lower on PPM One but I doubt it’ll match or surpass PPM’s input lag. This is because external inputs are directly connected to the hardware on the PPM (reason why software stuffs like 4 corner and zoom does not work). While on PPM One, they pass through software which solves the external source limitations on PPM. So if you need to use advanced keystone correction, digital zoom, bluetooth, etc while using your console, then PPM One may be a better choice for you.

dooes both max and max one support 4k gaming?

My ps5 works on the max, I think it just downscales it

I always thought the PPX One didn’t even have Bluetooth, hm. Am I missing something?

Sorry, my bad. I just meant the limitations of PPM for external sources are gone with PPM One.

Amazon product page says it has Bluetooth though. Is that only for the remote control?

Picopix max one. No android so no related problems like the max. Im really glad i bought the max one over the max.