Why do some movies cannot be played?

When I mirror iPad or iphone, I notice that some movies just won’t show up and picopix just display a blank screen with audio.

For example, the video of [One World: Together at home] will show up on picopix, but not [The Elephant Queen], both playing from the same app.

Is it because of codec issue? Which device is doing the decoding of the video?

Since you write that you’re mirroring your iPad or iPhone, I presume we are talking about AirPlay here. It’s hard to know for sure what the cause, since you didn’t say what app you are playing the movies from, but it could be DRM that’s blocking it. The iOS device is doing the decoding, so if both movies work on your iPad/iPhone, it isn’t a codec issue.

If it’s due to DRM, nothing should be played right? Since the audio is playing thru the projector, just without the video, I doubt it’s DRM.

I tried a few video apps, including Apple own TV app. It’s all the same, some of the video can be mirror but some only the audio. So this has nothing to do with the apps as well. It’s the type of video. If it’s not the codec, then it should be incompatible video format?

In my experience, that’s exactly how DRM is handled: audio works, but no video. So to me, it sounds very much like it’s DRM.

Android can mirror the whole Android screen, not just the video. Does this mean Android won’t have such DRM issue?

Other Android devices have Google Play Services which handles the DRM issues, the PPM doesn’t have this due to Google company policies.