Why youtube? it's so slow ... someone knows!

Hello, when I watch videos on YouTube they are seen with very few frames per second, being annoying to see any video, doesn’t it happen to you? … This I think it should be possible to improve in future update

Hi @Rod which app are you using to watch YouTube?

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application that comes installed … sYoutube

Can you make a video of this and share it with us?

I will try

I did not experience any slowness in Smart YouTube in v1.0.27. Have been watching news, tech reviews and music videos. No issues so far. Network test using fast.com shows 150Mbps.

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While playing a video, go to to Settings > Quality > Video and select any resolution with vp9. It works smoother than avc especially on 1080p@60.

With videos no problem, is only with Smart Youtube app, with 1080p resolution the images run at least 15 fps, it has many jerks …
My network speed is 70Mbps

Yes, I’m talking about the app :wink:

Please do a factory reset, might help.

I made a factory reset and works great!!!
Thanks guys

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