Wifi connection problem

My projector has faulty wifi, bluetooth connection. After connect to wifi and return to home, the wifi is losing. No app that use wifi can be used. Please advise. Thanks.

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Have you tried resetting the unit? Also do you have the latest firmware? You can try manually updating, it is described in this forum elsewhere

Try resetting the PPM and updating the software.

Already reset the PPM, still not working. I’ll manually update firmware tonight to see if it works.

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Hope it works! Let us know if it does:)

After reset and manually update to lasted firmware, it works for the first time. Turn off ppm, turn back on the problem still exist. The only way to make it work is connect to my mobile wifi hotspot then switch back to home wifi. I have no idea why.

Really weird. Can you try another home network? Maybe it is a network setting.

Do you know at which channel your WiFi is running on? You can either check it in the PicoPix itself (click the network name after connecting to it). Or in your WiFi router or a WiFi analyzer app for your (Android) phone.

yes, whenever home wifi connnected, it shows wifi chanel 10. For now, I have to connect to my 4g mobile hotspot first then switch to home wifi.

I suspect it’s due to a lot of interference (not just WiFi but also with Bluetooth devices). The 2.4GHz part of the spectrum is usually very noisy.

If you install a WiFi analyser app on your phone, you can see a chart of your local wifi environment. Any chance that you can post that?

Do you have the possibility to enable 5GHz wifi on your home router? Which WiFi channel does the mobile hotspot use?

Yes, 2.4GHz is very noisy, 5GHz is better. However, my 5GHz signal is weaker than 2.4. All other device in my home is working good with 2.4 but not with PPM. In order to make it work with 2.4 I have to first connect to mobile 4g hotspot then switch back to 2.4 then it will work.