Will casting audio to a Chromecast device work?

I have a Chromecast audio device connected to my portable Bose speaker.
I’m hoping that casting the sound to the Chromecast audio device might work, while playing the video in an app on the PPM. It might have a lower latency than the BT, where I have experienced latency issues for my speaker before, when watching series on my laptop.
Or… It’s that simply not how casting audio works? I just got the Chromecast and haven’t played around with it yet.
Bose SoundTouch 20 and Google Chromecast audio

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Interesting question. I don’t use a chomecast, but I’ve never heard of any devices natively being able to cast just the audio from an audio/visual source, while keeping the video playing on the device that is casting out.

I’m curious if it’s possible, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up.

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Has anyone tried this?

Hello Nicky,
honestly I don’t think is possible, i mean in a simple way.

first because as told by BenkArtist you cannot cast only audio flux (i tryed to do that in a similar case but not with the PPM) if your source is A/V.
To do that you should use external source like an A/V amplificator able to manage audio and video separately, but if you have this kind of material you don’t need to use the bose system…

And cast, (chrome and mira) works on wifi, if you’re receiving data from internet to your PPM (on wifi) you will be not able to cast out sound at the same time…
I’m waiting for my PPM so I can’t say more (i will receive it tomorrow i hope :star_struck:), but with Bluetooth 5.0 shouldn’t help with the audio lag?

Hi Mario, (PT?)

Actutualy I can with Android.
with my Samsung S7 i can send the video to miracast (or chromecast) and audio (per aplication) elsewhere…
That was the reason wht i went for samsung.

problems: casting video quality and sound sync…

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Hello Persistence,
Ok, thats New for me, thanks !
Ans no, I’m italiano living in france :slight_smile:

BT latency might not actually be a problem. Make sure you try it and see how it feels with your speaker. In my case, the projector’s Android automatically syncs with the speaker to keep the video and audio in-sync. I was not expecting it to line up as nicely as it did, and that’s without any additional setup :slight_smile:

Note that BT audio is only available for built-in apps/content. HDMI sources cannot use BT audio (because PPM is not willing to intercept and delay your HDMI video…)

I really hope it will all work - I’ll receive the projector tomorrow and then I’ll test it. But… the Chromecast idea is a dead herring, I believe.