Wired setup with Chromecast and external speakers

@PhilipsEngineering Hi there! I’m eagerly waiting for my PPM to arrive some day soon. I was planning to use mine with Chromecast device attached to HDMI port and an audio cable from PPM to my soundbar. Is this an ok solution or will there be an intolerable lag in sound? I’m sure this has been answered somewhere already, but I didn’t find it. Sorry!

Hi @Kosmos there will be no lag because you are using fully wired setup. Just remember you won’t have left/right keystone. Up/down will work fine.


@PhilipsEngineering thanks! Keystone won’t be an issue, I’m able to position my PPM quite in the middle of my ecpected projection area. But is there an easy way of calculating the projection size (width x height) by the distance of the PPM from the projection screen for cases when zoom is not an option?

Yes, the throw ratio is 1.2:1.

So the distance should be 1.2 times the desired width of the projected image, or the other way around, the image width will be 0.83x of the distance from the wall.

The height will then be 0.56x of the width (assuming 16:9 ratio).


Hey thanks @ThunderStrk

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