Wish: add a standby / resume function from the remote control

System 1.0.25
Launcher 1.3.9

It would be very useful to be able to pause the picopix when not used and to resume in the same state from the remote control. I’m using it for presentations, and I need it per period of few minutes. If I can pause it, I will save the battery. and I will be able to work all day long with one charge. Now on, It’s impossible.

By “pause it”, you mean a kind of sleep mode, or an “OS up but no projection” mode ?

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Both solution are useful: The aim is to save battery life and to be able to resume in the same state.

I agree.

You can edit your first message of this thread, click on the gear and click on “Create a poll” in order to allow people to support your idea.
It will help @Philips_Support_P to look into this idea for potential future updates.

Thanks for the tip. Is it all right now?


“A voté” !

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