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Service: Control Android, especially media players, from Android phone
App Name: KDE Connect
Source: Aptoide, Aurora Store, probably elsewhere
Full HD: N/A
Remote Support: AirMote to setup app works
Notes: Need same app on both PPM and Android phone, need to be on same wifi network (that does not use client isolation), pair the devices in the app, enable some plugins and permissions manually on PPM. Then, VLC, Kodi, and some other apps can be play /pause / next / volume controlled, etc

Do you which version you are using? I tried downloading and running one, and while I managed to get it running okay (had to close chat and turn down bitrate), I certainly felt it could/should run more smooth. Do your version run as well as i.e the netflix app?

Hi Alex, kan je mij uitleggen hoe je deze apps download? Mvg, Henri

So the Disney plus app has worked well until now.

But today I’m faced with a ‘new version available’ splash screen and an update link that takes me to the Apotide store but doesn’t actually work.

Anyone figured out a solution?


Me too, anyone know a way to download the Disney+ app without the store? @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsNono @PhilipsKristina

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I am also interested in a fully working Disney + app with download button.

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