Working Car Charger?


did anyone of you found a working charger that would allow me to charge and run my PPM via the Car battery in my Camper.

I don’t want to go the route to use an inverter to 230V and from there use the original charger.

Something like this should work, right? It supports Power Deliver and that’s what I need?

Thanks, Carsten


Hi Carsten,

I’m using my PPM in my camper, simply projecting onto the grey canvas wall between rooms inside, and it works brilliantly!
I had the same issue and have a charger that works. My bigger issue was the cable itself (as I wanted a longer one), so can’t answer you on that one yet, as I’m still waiting.

Satechi 72W USB-C PD Car Charger works to charge my PPM just fine (not sure which country you’re in, but I got mine from an online distributer Kogan).

Cheers, Stuart.


An update on the cable.
I purchased 2 USB-C PD cables from Startech (2m and 4m lengths) and both provide power using the Satechi Car Charger

I ordered the Charger I referenced and it also seems to charge the PPM. But haven’t gone through a full charging cycle yet, just saw the red light going on.

A 4m cable is great. All I have found so far is a 3m one,

Where have you got it from?

I buy them wholesale as I run an IT company, but this is the link to the page (USB-C Cable with Power Delivery (5A) - 4 m (13 ft.) - USB 2.0 | USB-C | Australia)
and this is the code you can Google (USB2C5C4M)
The 2m one I ended up with is a USB3.1, the 4m is a USB2.0. I got the 3.1 version so I could use it for other things and test (USB315C5C6)

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That looks like a very interesting alternative to the Mikegyver one I have currently (that the PPM refuses to negotiate with)!

Have you tried watching and charging at the same time. Does this work with the Satechi? Unfortunately I can’t find any voltage and ampere specification for it.

Sorry for late response, had to double check and test.
I’ve been running the PPM for the last 2 hours using the 4m cable and the Satechi charger streaming a movie using Plex in presentation mode, the battery is still reading 100% (was 98% when connected, so not sure how quickly it charges, but it doesn’t discharge).


Thats a pleasant surprise, as I too have the Satechi charger which I bought a while ago for something else,
But since it’s only 12v and not 15v didn’t think it can keep up or is your camper van socket 24v? , but good to know

I tried the LinkOn Charger I listed on top of the post and I can say that it works fine. Had the PPM charged at around 70% when I started to watch a movie in Eco mode. I let it run (for testing in the car) and after 2h when the movie was over the PPM was even fully charged. I then tried to play a 2h movie at normal mode and it stays fully charged.

Based on the specs both charges deliver 15V/3A which seems to be what we need.


Finally got around to sourcing two of the “72W” Satechi car adapters, and I can also confirm they negotiate a 15V / 3A contract with the PPM without issues. It can also support powerbank/macbook charging at 20V / 3A, and yes that’s from a 12V socket. I don’t think it officially supports being plugged in to a 24V socket?

Is there such a thing as a 24 volt socket ? I drive light trucks that are 24 volts and have this charger but it can use any regular 12 volt charger as well, they must have just brought down the voltage for the sockets

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There are many items that you can plug into car lighter sockets that claim to be able to handle both 12 volt and 24 volt power.

If you have 24 volt power available you might be able to skip a down-conversion/up-conversion step by connecting the socket directly to 24 volt. (NOTE: check first that all other items you want to plug in work with 24 volt power.)

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At least there used to be 24V sockets in trucks, before medium power DC/DC converters were readily available at reasonable cost. As @Addo wrote, a lot of chargers are designed to operate at 10 to 28V input but 72W Type-C PD Car Charger Adapter only mentions 12V socket.

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