?worldwide server issues for most video streaming apps?

I noticed some complaints coming through about poor Netflix / YouTube etc. but I am wondering how much of this in now PPM problem? Last night in Oz I could not even get Netflix or Disney or YouTube to start on any of my devices, yet I had 74MBS according to Speedtest and other internet services seemed fine. I think Coronavirus might be causing problems here too so perhaps we should be mindful of this possibility?


it does seem to be a thing

Due to the Covid 19, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Youtube will decrease their bandwidth in order to maintain a global internet speed essential for other Gov/Hospital infrastructures. For info, Netflix takes around 25% of the global bandwidth and P0RN… even more!

Last night in Oz I could not even get Netflix or Disney or YouTube to start on any of my devices

From what I heard about the Netflix slow down it shouldn’t cause this though - I thought they were just reducing bitrates on their streams.

Lower bitrates means the buffer should fill faster and less chance of skipping/stopping - perhaps ISPs have taken it into their own hands with traffic shaping or some such? In any case I’d expect that to sort itself out over the next few days and stabilise with reliable but lower quality streams.