Written Manual in native language

I have received my projector today. There was only a QuickStart Guide in it, but no written manual. The QuickStart Guide is not helpful, because after starting the projector there wasn‘t a screen as shown in the quick start guide. I don‘t know how to setup the projector…

Hi @Tjay, the user manuals are being written in many languages right now. We wanted to get the projector to you as soon as possible!

The Easy-Setup app is also under development and will be released in around 2 weeks.

Till then, the only setup you need to do is:

That’s all!

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Thank you for your quick reply, but I can not pair the airmote, because the menue is not showing me Bluetooth names, only mac id‘s. There are so many devices, how could I know which one is the airmote…
Maybe I do something wrong, but without manual it is difficult…


Well you could remove the batteries and see which device disappears. It’s a fair bet that’s your remote.