Wrong address in belgium


I backed the picopix with a friend of mine who used his account and card for me, so he gave my address informations but the shipment went back to the sender because the address was wrong and it seems that the name of my friend was used at the place my name in the address infos.

What cab we do to resolve this issue…?

Thanks a lot.


Please send an email to support@screeneo.com using the same mail address as was used for placing the contribution, requesting an address and contact details change. Include the current address and contact information as well for reference.

Ahhh Super thanks a lot IvoG I’ll contact my friend!

Thanks again!

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I come back to you for this issue.

So, my friend sent them an email on the 5th of june 2020 but din’t receive any news from screeneo.

Do you think you could do something about that please?

here is a copy of the email he sent :

my shipment is returned to the sender due to an address problem. Could you please change the address and send it again :

Azoud Said

Rue Mommaerts 39
1080 Brussels

Here the tracking number CR071933337DE

Thank you,