XBOX game pass download

Ive just seen on the store you can download XBOX gamerpass app to the projector and stream XBOX games - anyone tried it?

Thanks for the hint! I just installed it and tried a few things. First of all, it works. When you start the App it says your device lacks Google play services but you just click that away and the notification didn’t pop up anywhere again yet and I didn’t encounter any restrictions yet.
I got myself an unlimited pass (which is for just 1€ for the first month, afterwards it’s €12,99 which seems quite reasonable if everything works well) and was able to play witcher 3 and some other games using the cloud service function.

BUT some games lagged a bit (those with high resolution graphics but mostly the sound was the problem, picture seemed okay so far) and sometimes the picture froze completely - easy fix was just to go back to the picopix screen using the home button on the remote, the clicking the app again and start right where you left, takes just a few seconds but nonetheless annoying. I don’t know if those issues occured to me due to crappy internet connection, the fact that the cloud service is still in beta testing, the lack of Google play services/app not really being suitable for the OS, the hardware specs of the projector not being sufficient enough, using a VPN (nordvpn), using the wrong settings, … But in the next couple of days I’m probably going to fiddle around with those variables and will do my best to eliminate those problems. When I find out I’ll let you know for sure! Any advice on this is also highly appreciated since I’m not really an expert on that field.

Oh and btw I’m using an old ps3 Sixaxis controller (without dual shock, because that’s the only controller I already had at home), connected via USB and it seems to work just fine. I also already connected two of those PS3 controllers simultaneously using an usb hub and they worked okay using the retroplayer plug-in in Kodi. Still gotta try if this is working with the Xbox gamepass App but I’ll keep you posted.

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With Cloud Service you mean streaming the game directly from the cloud to the ppm?

Yes, no game installation needed, just streaming (and also not possible without windows 10, but many games are around 40gb anyways so way too big for the ppm)

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