Xbox Streaming Works Well via Beta App

Direct streaming from my console was a bit choppy but the XCloud stuff works spot on for me.
There is a bit of an issue with using the airmote as it seems to constantly push to the right but I hid it out view of the projector and this seemed to solve that.

If I can get the direct streaming sorted then that would be amazing as not only will I be able to play my own games but this would also solve the problems over HDMI (in my house at least) as I could just plug my stick into the Xbox and use it via that (or I could just use the Xbox apps I suppose).

I can get direct streaming to work decent!

Ace, I now have a decent OS and full PPM functionality :rofl:.

Wonder how much this service will cost once the beta is over though?

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You seem to be stuck in a loop though? :man_shrugging:t4: