Youtube app crash. Airplay and bluetooth problem

I can’t sign in to my youtube account because it crashes when i hit the sign in button.

The airplay/cast disconnects when i connect the PPM to my bluetooth speaker and vice versa. It solves the issue when i turn off the bluetooth connection in the PPM and use the 3.5mm jack instead.

Is the battery remaining accurate? Because after i fully charge the PPM it states only 2 hours remaining opposing the 3 hours from the campaign videos. Or it denpends on the image brightness modes?

I would be better if you can access the menu or the settings without exiting an application.

I’ve never signed in to YouTube on the app but through the web sign in option either from your phone or pc and never had a problem so give that a try,
For airplay and bluetooth issues try switching to 5Ghz wifi if you have it and see if it improves,
Battery remaining is not accurate when first turned on, watch some video for a while and it will adjust and usually extend, brightness setting obviously matter that’s why one is called energy saver for a reason, presentation mode will drain it the quickest,
The last part yes hopefully they are working on that in future updates.


Hi there, I am having the exact same issue! How did you resolve it eventually? I also need help with this sign in part @Philips_Support_P

It is Better to use the preinstalled youtube s. It will ask you to signin via web. On the airplay or google cast, All you have to do is wait for the airplay or cast icon on your phones. Sometimes it takeS few minutes before it appears to our smartphones. As per the bluetooth speakers and devices. Once you paired the device, it will connect automatically. It may take also time to connect. You can’t connect to speakers at a time. And you can‘T play videos if it is stream directly from webbrowserd like google and Not all apps are compatible with the airpley or google cast.

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I’m facing the same problem. I want to sign in to my youtube account.
I always sent back to the homescreen. Are there any tries to fix that?
Would be great to use YouTube Premium and download Videos for offline use.

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Just use the builtin youtube S app. But in the new version, it is difficult to stream from the phone but this problem can be solv by mirroring your device to the picomax.