Zwift support - indoor cycling is huge atm

I was really disappointed that Google Play Store isn’t supported - I am a keen cyclist and would LOVE to use Zwift natively on the Pico, provided the CPU/Graphics capability is good enough?
Are they any other cyclists who would use Zwift?
The work around is plugging an Apple TV into the Pico but that’s a bit of a pain.

voted - agree with all points, cycling is up over 300% right now.

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Using the pure APK app I was able to download the Zwift app, it was able to start and unzip files however the Zwift app crashes during startup. I don’t know how/where to grab the log files to send to Zwift support. One thing that works pretty good is to use Miracast from the phone, and run Zwift on the smartphone. But it’s a shame it does not work on the PPM itself. Voted.