3d settings on screeneo u5

I can’t get amything to recognize my u5 as a 3d screen, I’ve tried on my ps4 which worked perfectly with my old sony 3d tv, and a sony ubp-x800m2 4k player.

Any ideas why nothing works when the projector is set to frame packing?

Check the projector is receiving a 120hz 4k signal. That will only be possible with a HDMI 2.0 or newer cable. I would go check a youtube clip that has the 3D icon on it first and confirm you can get 3D. Seeing as one of your previous outputs was 4K it should be fine.
What is occurring on the screen? Are you seeing doubled content running smoothly (would suggest the glasses) or seeing heavily flickering content (cable or source)? Or distorted content or just nothing?

Signal is 4k 120hz, and HDMI cable is verified. Wirked on 3d with a ps4 on a separate TV.

The screen just looks like in a blue wash over it, and the disk player saya the projector doesnt have 3d capability