4-CC HDMI to HDMI adapter

Hi all,

Yes, I know, I am totally aware of 4 corner correction is not possible since HDMI and USB-C inputs are not connected to the Android board. But…

What if some kind of hardware adapter was developed by you, Screeneo/Philips, capable of distort an HDMI input based in the current Picopix Max 4-CC settings?

It could be something like:

  • 1 HDMI input

  • 1 HDMI output

  • 1 USB input (both for power and control)

Internally, the adapter mainly would be composed of one specific chip capable of horizontal and vertical video keystone and one microcontroller capable of controlling that chip (via i2c, SPI, uart…) and also talk with the PPM (via USB)

This way, you could develop some kind of proprietary USB driver and/or Android service in the PPM that could detect when the adapter is plugged in and automagically mirror the current Android 4-CC settings into the adapter. Final result will be coherent and transparent for users! (apart from the extra adapter plugged in, of course)

Chances are slim that you put the required effort in something like this now, but I’d happily pay 50€ for it if you make it! Think about it as one accessory more like hard case, remote or tripod.

Extra points:

  • Actually, the perfect adapter would have both HDMI and USB-C inputs, and one single USB-C output (for video, power and control at the same time) so USB-A port remains free.

  • It could also handle ARC while you’re at it.


A slightly different version of what you are exposing actually exist. It is a hdmi to usb converter. Be aware, I’m not speaking about usb to hdmi but the inverse of this which is a lot less common as a device.

It is often called a hdmi game capture device because it is intended for gamers that want to record their games on ps4 for example and stream the data to a PC live to diffuse it in twitch for example. They can also commonly be called hdmi to UVC. It is also used by some surveillance cameras.

This devices uses UVC protocol over usb (USB Video device Class) that can be handled by Android through an app. This Android app would be in the PPM.

So basically you connect this device to PPM by USB. You connect through Hdmi your source (PS4, PC, apple TV…). You open the app on PPM and as it goes through Android you have 4cc and bt.

This devices can be quite expensive however (50-200 euros) and you should expect some lag (so not suitable for gaming) but it’s a compromise.

I hope this helps


It’s a good idea @Synmehdi.
As my son has one, I’ll test it… when I’ll receive the device :wink: .

But with which app in the PPM should I “stream” the output of this device ?

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Oh great! Could you try this ones?

And let us know! I hope it works with all game recorders.
When will you receive it?

Actually, that would be even better (except for the price)!
Let’s see if someone find an affordable combination of device and Android app for our PPM :slight_smile:

As backer #“300 and a little”, I should be in the first EU batch sent yesterday… fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: .

Thanks for the apps you listed.
As Google store is not on the PPM, are they available on the Aptoide store, or should I find them on an apk download site, like apkpure.com ?

I don’t know really but I think there is a way to extract an apk from an already installed app. like you install on you phone and you extract the apk to install on PPM.
Can you tell me the brand of the game capture device you have?

It’s the “Elgato Game Capture HD”.
Works fine for capturing iPad (with adapter) or Mac screen and record it or stream it online in Youtube.
And the “HD” tag is encouraging for the purpose of this thread.

Could you try it with an android device with one of the apps I showed?
Like try streaming from something like a ps4 to an android phone with the elgato using the app on the phone.
Its interesting to see if it works with android. You need an OTG cable though (USB to usb-c or micro-usb)

This might be a little off topic but if someone among you has an Anker Nebula projector, it comes with an HDMI input app which does a fairly decent job. Could you try backing that up and sharing with others?

Could you explain what does this Hdmi app do?

Hi @Synmehdi,

I’ve tried to use the Elgato to show my Freebox interface in an Android Phone, but it hasn’t worked.
My son think that the Elgato device can only show things thru their proprietary software on PC or Mac.
But maybe the chain is too complex :
Freebox -> HDMI -> Amp -> HDMI -> Elgato -> HDMI -> Hub -> USB-C -> Android Phone.
A bit tricky.
The thing is that the Elgato doesn’t output directly in USB.
I think it’s definitely not the right device to use fur the purpose we are looking for…

I think the problem is the hub. You need an OTG cable.

This is a great idea, has Philips replied, I want to use my Apple TV - with keystone and zoom function. Without this the internal software is rubbish. I wanted to stream shows from my Apple TV on HDMI. Anyone here have a workaround? Yours hopefully…

Hi Jason, I am very much interested in this too. Do not have PPM yet… Will take another 2-4 weeks I guess and eager to see if a solid workaround become available to connect ATV and see the movies despite DRM issues as mentioned in other posts on this platform.