Abandoned Yes/No

Has support finished for this product. It’s being months since the promised update. Months since any activity from Philips to any questions here.
Where does this leave our extended warranty. What do we do for returns / refunds. Where is the promised auto keystone, autofocus, Prime fix, and general interaction with those who have invested our hard earned money in this failed product as originally advertised.

The philips U4 page at https://www.philips.ie/c-p/SCN350_INT/screeneo-u4-home-projector/overview

says : Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

Please Screeneo retire U4 and give us a cheap upgrade to U5.

I won’t be touching or recommending a Phillips product again after issues during this campaign and the way we are being treated here.
Not even the decency to reply to issues we are having or fix the issues after being highlighted.
Won’t be getting the U5.

Sooo, after all these months and years Philips clearly didn’t deliver and is not gonna deliver a product they promised.

Is there some lawyer here which could say if there is a place for a lawsuite ?

Thanks and good luck everyone.