Abandoned Yes/No

Has support finished for this product. It’s being months since the promised update. Months since any activity from Philips to any questions here.
Where does this leave our extended warranty. What do we do for returns / refunds. Where is the promised auto keystone, autofocus, Prime fix, and general interaction with those who have invested our hard earned money in this failed product as originally advertised.

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The philips U4 page at https://www.philips.ie/c-p/SCN350_INT/screeneo-u4-home-projector/overview

says : Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

Please Screeneo retire U4 and give us a cheap upgrade to U5.

I won’t be touching or recommending a Phillips product again after issues during this campaign and the way we are being treated here.
Not even the decency to reply to issues we are having or fix the issues after being highlighted.
Won’t be getting the U5.

Sooo, after all these months and years Philips clearly didn’t deliver and is not gonna deliver a product they promised.

Is there some lawyer here which could say if there is a place for a lawsuite ?

Thanks and good luck everyone.

I’m happy I didn’t loose more money by investing in the U5. Never a Phillips product again to be bought by myself or will I recommend Phillips to anyone.

The follow-up product has been announced: https://ul5.screeneo.com/

We were dropped like hot potatos. Took our money and then abandoned us. Shame on Philips.

Im pretty sure i read somewhere that is not actually Philips - the name or product is under license to Philips (they can use the Philips name) but its a whole different company that created this projector

Hi Saxi, It was made by a third party for Philips. It was released as a Philips Projector. Now after investing our hard earned money, they have simply walked away with our money and left us with an expensive doors stop.
How, they have launched another projector on Indiegogo to capture more suckers and rob their cash.

I noticed that they had launched the U5 campaign before we even had the U4’s but it was a LOT more expensive. I love my projector - yes, the fan is a bit noisy but i cant hear it when i have something playing. My only complaint is that I would really like to be able to control the sound more - its a bit bass-y for my ears but if I project through my spare Mac ( I use the other one as a remote ) I can use the sound from that and its much easier on my ears.

They are still for sale in Currys in the UK.