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  1. To save Profiles for keystone correction for different locations.

Ability to turn on or off prompt for choice of keystone profile upon projector start up


I still did not received my PPM but I already read in the community that there is some issue on 4 corner auto-correction. Since internal PPM apps can do 4 corner auto correction, I will suggest to make a plug-in app to all well known video player in order the PPM can 4 corner auto-correct when HDMI is used.

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% battery left in menu


Small addition request… I’d like to add my own wallpaper designs for the menus.


I would like to change the wallpaper to something more sober…

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I have some features for the remote.
In my opinion the remote doesn’t work in a logic way in a few cases.
A lot is based on the pointer and I would like to see more control in the arrow keys and Ok button.

  1. (in for example netflix) If you are watching a movie/serie and you press ok, I would expect it to pause the movei/serie. This button does nothing in this case.

  2. (same example) If you are watching and you press arrow up or down, I expect the HUD to show itself so I can see how far I am in the movie. These 2 buttons do nothing in this case. (the left and right do work for forwarding or rewinding though)

  3. The pointer button: For me the pointer button should just activate or deactivate the pointer. nothing more.
    I expect to use the Ok button to actually select a button with the pointer. It was weird for me that I have to reclick the pointer button on the remote. This is also a bit annoying because you have to keep your thumb on the top right corner of the remote.
    Now, to deactivate the pointer (if you don’t want to wait for it to dissapear) is to press an arrow key.

Again, this is just my opinion and logic. not sure what others think of this.


Wifi profile -> Please change position of Forget and Connect.
or make default button as Connect.
I’ve clicked on Forget more than 5 times.
No confirmation on forget either.

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Can we get wifi auto connection in the next update please? Literally all gadgets have this feature… a bit annoying when you have to connect to your wifi every single time when you turn your projector on.

Hey wifi is auto connecting in my picopix.