Accessories - non-essential spending on my PPM :)


Thought I’d start a thread where I (and others) can note down some of the purchases so far.

Criteria for me is to protect and enhance the experience. I’m hoping to stay away from buying cheap tat.

Not in any particular order

Screen - £17.98 - portable and large to go on almost any flat surface - great for the price, but may have gone for something that mounts off two horizontal poles (may modify this one) to aid longlivity when putting up and taking down. The supplied velcro is OK for one single mounting point, not multiple.
|product image |Duronic (Refurbished) APS100/169 Projector Screen - 100" Screen Only Wall Mountable

Case - Free! Had it already - but its from Jessops in the UK

USB C to USB C 3m 100w cable - £7.99 - Tested working for charging - the included cable was a bit short for powering and positioning somewhere suitable.

USB Charger ££22.83 - (not yet tested) - bought initially for the Nintendo Switch but hopefully it will work for both.

GoPro Mounts - £7.39 - wanted this so I can mount using a more universal fittings I already have available, useful for the Camper trailer (under a cupboard) and my daughters bedroom (so far she’s watched two movies and is apparently her projector “lets use MY projector daddy” is what I get now - works a treat, just not very side-to-side adjustable if the mount isn’t totally flat. For that I can use a 3rd party “Goose neck” similar to this - just have to make sure the mount is stuck down with proper 3m stuff, not the fake stuff which I dont trust with a £400+ PJ.

Hard drive - £110 - only just ordered today (11/05/2020) - want to be able to take my whole movie library with me which is approx 4tb currently for Glamping, movie nights at friends (post-C19) and for a general back up too.

Only thing I want next is a HUUUGE power bank - probabaly the Supertank, but for some reason it seems to be unavailable on Amazon, although its available elsehwere, it worries me its being replaced maybe?


You need to look at the Rii keyboard, best thing I got for the PPM.

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The one it comes with is ok, just a PITA for Passwords. I’ll have a look at that though.

That works absolutely fine. Did some testing in my Van playing in Normal brightness mode. Batteries where around 80% before I started. After 2h of movie watching batteries where fully charged. So it can run the PPM and slightly charge the battery.


Bluetooth sound output problems with PPM? One of my favorite gadgets and something that works very well with the PPM and many other devices is this Bluetooth transmitter from RHA. Brilliantly designed and very high quality.


Has anyone tried connecting multi-USB to PicoPix Max? Given that it only has 1 USB port.

Was thinking about using wireless keyboard and mouse that works through a USB receiver. Does that work? Thanks!

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I’ve used it with a 3-port USB 2.0 hub


Ah awesome, thanks @IvoGrijt!


An add on to the list.

5m Premium Audio Cable Auxiliary Jack Cable For AUX: Electronics

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just in case I plug a HDMI device in (not had too so far)

Still loving it.

Just need to see where the Sonos support goes before I upgrade my speaker, but I have to say, the little JBL has been excellent.

JBL Charge 2+ Portable Sprayproof Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with…

JBL Charge 2+ Portable Sprayproof Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Rechargeable Battery for Smartphones - Black: Computers & Accessories