Acoustic feedback for switching PPM on (and off)

When switching on the PPM via the remote in my situation it often does not work on the first try. So I normally press the button multiple times until I can hear by the fan starting up, that the PPM is on.

Since firmware 1.0 the fan is much quiter what is good, but makes it more difficult to hear it it is on.

Would it be possible to implement an acoustic feedback for switching on the PPM (like a beep or a short melody like a start-up sound)?

If it would be done of cause it would be good if it can also be switched off in the menu for people who would be annoyed by this.

I don’t mind the audio feedback but only if it is an option that I can enable/disable as you had also suggested.


i vote for this.

this feature is also good to have if accidently its switch on inside the bag !!

And if do this feature PLEASE made it so we can use custom wav files or make a fue built in at leasts =)

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Good idea