Add a "true hd" mode disabling all geometric corrections

I assume whenever there is a 4 corner or digital zoom change, the image is recalculated to fit the new size so there is some kind of resolution loss.
It would be nice if there was a way to use the maximum resolution of the ppm by disabling any kind of geometry correction.
So the HD image is projected 1:1 on the screen. I haven’t tested it yet, but I think it’s what happens already with external content.
Of course one would need to have the projector perfectly aligned with the projection surface, but in my opinion that is possible in a home setup environment.

Hi @Vito_Darpaki you already have this. If you turn off Automatic Keystone Correction, ‘reset’ the 4-corner correction, set digital zoom to 100%, and set manual keystone slider to zero (middle), then all corrections are disabled.

Do you mean it would be nice to have a shortcut to do all the above steps in one click?


Yep a shortcut would be nice. I did what you wrote, but I wasn’t sure that the slider was exactly in the middle, and I wasn’t sure that any other interpolation was not occurring.


A shortcut to reset the settings would be most useful. Thanks.


This a cool idea actually. A toggle to disable all that, to go ‘pure’ :nerd_face:


that slider should have - 0 + value i also dont know where is absolut zero on that keystone slider