Add Input language

Currently we could not add new input language and it is preset as English. It would be great if we have this feature as there are numbers of users from around the world whom would like to search local content in youtube or whatsoever on the internet.

I could not find an option to add new input language in 1.0.25. Kindly let me know how to do it if you know the way.

Hello, if you change the system language, the keyboard will automatically change to the correct layout for that language.

We deliberately keep things simple with some default behaviour instead of adding too many options.

That said if you’d like to configure additional languages or keyboard settings, you can use the secret menu: Settings > About > Software Version (click it 6 times). Then go to Device Preferences > Keyboard > Android Keyboard (AOSP) Settings. There you can configure the keyboard to your liking.

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Philips, thank you!

I also encountered problems with keyboard key mapping. FYI, i am using logitech K480 for example, the ENTER key does not fucntion. and when i hit the ENTER key, it reutrns as “q” on the search bar in firefox for example. Kindly check. thanks