Addon Ports and Subwoofer

It would be nice if there was an addon for the projector, attachable to the bottom of the projector that could serve like a stand for it while adding more capabilities for the projector using the USB connectors!

Maybe it could contain something like:

  • A small Subwoofer
  • USB hub
  • Network port (RJ45)
  • Battery expansion
  • Microphone
  • Slot in Bluray player
  • 180 degree camera
  • Storage place for Remote or cables
  • Compartment for chromecast ultra / Apple TV
    (With short HDMI special cable to connect)
  • Tilt adjustment for projector when on a table
  • Mini Audio mixer & transmitter

Guess it will never appear :slight_smile:

Then it wouldn’t be a portable projector, would it?

Depends on the size of et al… :slight_smile:

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