Adjusting screen with HDMI connection

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I’m based in UK; received my unit yesterday and love it; only thing is when I connect my Sky box to the unit via HDMI the picture isn’t auto adjusting to the wall; also note I can’t keystone configure it as I can within the android application.

Any suggestions as to how I can change the screen size when in HDMI source without moving the projector back and forth??

Unfortunately there are some limitations with what you can and can’t do with respect to adjustments, when using HDMI or USB-C external inputs.

See here: Limitations of the HDMI & USB-C video inputs – Philips Projection

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Hi @Amit_Chatterjee up/down auto adjusting works fine also for HDMI. it’s only the left/right adjustment that doesn’t work.

Have you performed a calibration?

How to calibrate the tilt sensor – Philips Projection

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Can I do that whilst in HDMI source mode? I have to keep flipping back to the android screen to do a calibration and then when I flip back to HDMI the screen is too wide again!


Calibration has to be done with the PPM in a level position. Once calibrated it will know what level is and can then correct the vertical keystone when angled up or down. This will be done independently from the source selected. So go ahead and calibrate from the Android screen, and when finished setting up you can switch to HDMI.