Airmouse use technique

Hi just wondering , does anyone have any tips or special techniques on using the airmote with the cursor?
so far it just feels like I’m holding the nunchucks of a Nintendo Wii but not getting anywhere,
I’ve paired a Bluetooth mouse with it and that’s as expected works great, but I would love to be surprised in case there are ways to use it that are either just as good or close to using a regular mouse so I can take advantage of it and not be missing out on it, cause as of now it’s just a remote with Bluetooth functionality to me

:wave: Hi
I use one of those, works perfectly


Nice thanks for the tip, it’s a good price so doesn’t hurt to have a go , Phillips really should bundle something like this I reckon, although I do currently have a nice bluetooth android tablet logitec keyboard not as small but works well

The airmouse takes some getting used to, but it works quite well once you understand the following:

You define what range it works in by the movement of your hand / arm. Move it to the left till the cursor hits the edge of the screen, this is now the position the screen will start from. Then move it to the right till the cursor hits the right edge of the screen, and your side to side movement will have been calibrated. Now do the same for up and down edges and you will have calibrated the airmouse. From this point you’ll have it follow your movements quite accurately, until your next reboot that is.

Try that and let me know how you get along with that.

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how does it connect? I see u linked the 2.4g version and not the bluetooth?