AirPlay2 Enablement

I’ve just got a feedback from one of my TV programme provider that the content can not be airplayed by PPM since “this is not an authorised AirPlay2-enabled device”.

I can foresee my experience is only a tip of iceberg. Can I ask if there is any plan for Philips to enable AirPlay2 or even get the authorisation from Apple?

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Yes we plan to add official AirPlay 2 support down the line. --> but this depends on whether Apple wants us to make any hardware changes or burn a key in the factory. If it’s a software-only feature then everyone will get it. If it requires hardware change or key-burning, we can’t add it. We are in initial stage of contacting Apple regarding this.

@Philips_Support_N please comment with further info.


@Philips_Support_P , are you talking only for Airplay 2 reciever or for Airplay 2 transmiter?

Receiver only.

receiver yes, we already discussed with them 2 months ago. Let us resolve the current issues then we will work on the Philips Hue, Sonos, Airplay 2 and other services


Cool!! Hope to hear some good news on this as I think there will only be more and more apps and devices supporting AirPlay2 only.

From what I heard it is a software update, BOSE has sent airplay updates OTA on some speakers.

@Sinisa @Philips_Support_P Yeah, being one of Bose home speaker user, I can confirm that.

What about transmitter, Can we expect that too at some point?

@aero you are one of the lucky bastards who dont have sound touch 10 - they will never push airplay2 support to us - been promising for almost two years :slight_smile:

@Sinisa lol, I got Bose Home Speaker 500 and its awesome :smiley:

Airplay 2 support would for sure help for streaming from Apple devices! Maybe also to help to not need to Use the HDMI port for some users! (Beeing able to use Horizontal Keystone adjustments as it’s SW/App based)

Also Netflix and other apps would be great to stream via Airplay 2 to rhe PPM!

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@R347ITY :-/

Netflix needs to shape up :wink:

@Philips_Support_P, does this mean that the following section of the Q & A is incorrect?

Can I cast Apple TV+ from an iPhone/Mac/iPad to the projector?
Yes you can do so with the Wireless Screen Mirroring or HDMI

I tried. PPM does not support Apple TV+ via airplay at the moment.

@Philips_Support_P, just checking-in on this quickly. Any news from Apple on whether AirPlay 2 support can be offered as a software only feature? If it can, is there an approximate timeline on when this might become available?


Absolutely no progress from Apple side. We’ve also been too busy to push.
@Philips_Support_N please check the below:

Any update of when AirPlay2 might be supported on the PPM


How is it going with AirPlay 2? Must be some updates by now. This should be a priority for Phillips as there is many IPhone users who also wants their Phillips TV to have all the futures the competition has and more.

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