Android hangs up

Had projector hang up on Netflix two times in a row. Android became completely unresponsive, HDMI was working fine. After second time I did the clear option to remove cache and extra files, and after that it worked normally. Also Netflix stuttering was gone.

Thanks @Sinisa for the info and debugging. May I ask which apps you use? I think 2GB RAM might not be enough for using some apps when many other apps are in the background. There’s a hidden option to limit the maximum number of background apps if you activate developer mode, perhaps that helps?

Well tbh I was behaving as a standard user so just used Netflix. There may have been some temp files/cache lying around that clean process removed, so netflix may have tried to use those.

Am going to track how it behaves today,

Is there (or will be in the future) a way to “kill” background apps, in order to free memory ?

The System optimisation option in Settings is the recommended way right now. In the future we want to add some better task-management capability directly in the launcher, but it’s a bit low on priority list.

You mean that if we observe hangs up or weird behavior, we go to “System optimization”, run it and that’s OK ?
Does this function “unload” apps from memory too ?

I asked for the “kill” function because when I used my physical keyboard, I was able to use the Alt-Tab function which allow to toggle between apps and I found that they ware all in background…

I think the app spread/switcher shows all the recent apps and not necessarily the open ones.

In my experience with Netflix, the whole system doesn’t hand but sometimes playback on Netflix stops and and won’t work until I reboot. This is related to the observations I told in the thread below. It happened to me a few times already.

I wonder if that’s the case why they’re indicated as being Active

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
As far as I know, that is how most mobile OS app switcher page works.
All recent apps are listed unless you swipe them away. But not all are actually running.