Android not booting up, projector dead.

I have a problem with my PPM. It seems that the android os is somehow corrupted.

When I start my picopix I can see the white philips screen, but right after that light goes really dim, and nothing is displayed (I need to have completly dark room and very short distance to see the ”screen” which is black).

If I plug HDMI in to the projector it will be display it. Picture can’t be focused, but it seems still be working.

So I think that the last update did not install correctly, is there a way to force update from USB-stick, or is there a way to connect projector to computer and re-install the android os to it?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Unfortunately you’ll need to do a full cable restore to fix this. Cable restore procedure. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I’ll try that, one problem is that the link to the V1.1.03 is not working, I get “Access denied”

BR, Henri

Here’s a link to v1.1.01 mentioned in the procedure

The following link for v1.1.03 image also seems to work.

Thank you for letting us know, the link in that post has been corrected.

Some additional information:

  • If you cannot do a cable restore, you can also reset the projector by powering it on with the reset pin pressed.
  • From the recovery screen, you can either apply the offline update again, or select “Wipe data/factory restore” to perform a factory reset. This will erase your own content and settings, but will keep the latest system software.