Any Aussies using Foxtel App and experiences with others

This is driving me mad and I have mentioned in a more general thread with no resolution. This thread is more specific!

I’m in Sydney and had the PPM a week. Of the apps I have:

Netflix - using preinstalled app not updated. Works fine

Prime - using preinstalled app. Will not display any images on menu pages and will not play any video

Foxtel - app installed from Aptoide. Works perfectly BUT I cannot find a way to pause once the movie has started. Has anyone figured it out? Please help!!!

I’m using version of Prime without any issues, can you update to that one?

I have updated my prime - I can see the videos now but the quality is terrible and not HD

Hi @paulsmithy,

For your FOXTEL issue, try to use the topmost right button in the Airmote.
Then you should have a pointer in the screen and you should be able to use it as a mouse pointer.
Therefore click again on this button anx with luck you should see the player interface appear and buttons to play/pause.

Not tested on this app (as I’m not from Australia), but it deserves to give a try :wink:.

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Yeah tried that but there is nothing to click when in “mouse mode”.

For anyone who stumbles across this thread also looking for the answer I have found a solution. To pause Foxtel I now hit the Home button and go back to PPM menu screen. To restart I select Foxtel and the video immediately picks up where it left off.