Any way to downgrade?

My PPM One can´t be fully charged since the lastest update (1.3). I can´t get the white led.

I don´t know if firmware is at fault but I tried a full discharge (in case it needed recalibrating) and factory defaults to no avail.

I have it plugged to a smart plug so I can monitor the charging process. When it´s fully charged (white led) power fluctuates between 0-0,5 W whereas in the current condition (red led) even after many hours it goes from 0 to 5 W.

For a device with a barebones firmware it can be annoying at times (it powers on randomly, but, fortunately, very occasionally) and now the aforementioned charging bug.

I want to keep using it on power standby so I need to check if a downgrade fixes this issue.

Is that easy to apply or do I need to access an obscure “service mode”?

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At least, where can I download previous firmwares to check it?
It´s like battery stopped charging at 98% or so.