Apk for Raiplay app

Maybe a long shot… Does anyone know a version for raiplay app (Italian TV) which works on the ppm?

Sorry, I haven’t seen anyone reporting on a working version of that app. Which versions have you tried? Have you looked elsewhere than Aptoide? There might be better working versions on Apkmirror, Apkpure etc.

APKPure certainly has the app, but make sure to try the Android version, not the Android TV version (at first).
Download and install APKPure onto your PPM and install it from there. If it works please let us know.

I got my ppm only yesterday so I just did a quick test, I downloaded the first one showed by aptoide tv.
I will try with other markets as well. So Aptoide just shows Android TV apps which are not working on PPM? Why is that preloaded then?

No, Aptoide has loads of working apps. But every now and then the version in Aptoide doesn’t work with the PPM. So far I’ve had only one such case, and I then found a working version of that app on APKMirror.

Philips Projection have also considered changing to another app store, but they haven’t made up their mind about that yet.

@ Vito_Darpaki

If you have any news… let me know… I’m italian too and I’ll receive PPMax at the end of May or maybe first days of June … I’m on List 3


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How do I know whether it’s an Android or Android TV app?
Anrdoid TV apps won’t work just sometimes or they won’t ever run on the ppm?

Hello, the upcoming update tomorrow should fix RaiPlay on PPM.


@Philips_Support_P Could you please check also what is the issue for shahid app as i reported ealier ( it shows black screen and go back home screen ) and try to fix it for all middle east user please

Hello @Dedohamdy, we will check.

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Nice! By the way, on aptoide there are 2 RaiPlay app, “RaiPlay for Android TV” and “RaiPlay”.
The first one doesn’t even start.
The second one works, I mean movies can be watched, but the navigation page is tilted of 90°. Once you select a movie, it plays correctly.

The TV version should work fine after the software update.

You can install an app to force landscape mode. Please see this thread: Default "Force landscape" or add option to change the orientation

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Hi, @Philips_Support_P,
I’ve a similar issue with the TimVision app. It cannot play any videos since there are “DRM errors” … is this something you also looking at ?

Hi @giacomolm unfortunately we’re not currently able to solve DRM problems if the apps are not using Widevine L1 as the copy-protection scheme. (This is the most popular one and the only scheme we have licensed legally.) Sadly there are many streaming apps which apply their own encryption method.

But – if you can get in touch with TimVision and ask them to check, it will be helpful. If there is anything on PicoPix Max which we can improve to make it work, we will be happy to do so.


I can confirm that with update 1.1 Raiplay for Android TV app works perfectly.

Someone from Italy have alredy tried the SKY GO application on PPM? it’s working?