Apple HomePod compatibility


Has anyone tested the projector with a Apple HomePod for audio output? Are they compatible together.

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HomePod only accepts audio via AirPlay right? PicoPix max doesn’t output audio via AirPlay (yet) but you can install AirConnect AirServer Connect from aptoide to add this feature. As usual only for internal content.

How do you install this, i cant find it in the aptoide market place

Sorry it’s called AirServer Connect.

Dear Prashant,

I am also interested in streaming audio to my HomePod !

I searched for the app you mentioned (Air Server - I’ve been using the desktop app on my Mac) and I can’t find it in aptoide ! I tried Airscreen instead but it only does what the PPM is already capable of : being able to be an Airplay receiver…

Any idea ?

Thanks !


Hi @Gizmo the app is called “AirServer Connect”, if you cannot find it in Aptoide you can also find it on

I installed AirServer Connect, it detects the HomePods but it’s not possible to connect them. I get this message: “AirPlay audio not supported. AirServer Connect does not support AirPlay audio streaming due to lack of system audio capture support in Android”

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Any update on this @Philips_Support_P
AirServer Connect solution doesn’t work

I found an app airmusic trial which works but it’s a trial version and plays beeps after 10 minutes. I can’t find a way to get the pro version.

Hi Brian

Did you ever solve installing the pro version issue?

Hi all, if you’re interested in the full version of AirMusic, please contact the developer directly with the MAC address of your PicoPix Max (found in Settings > About). The corresponding system components have been included by us, the full version of the app will need to be acquired by you.

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