Aptoide and Prime Video not working

I am running v1.1.02 software. For Aptoide, I have v5.1.1 (Build 529). Some of my apps, such as Netflix and YouTube are working great. Others that used to work, such as Aptoide and Prime video have stopped working.

When I click on Aptoide, I get the error “It seems we are having some problems on our side. Please try again later.”

When I try to use Prime Video, I get an error that the device is not connected to the internet. Obviously, this is not true because I am able to connect to Netflix and YouTube.

Can anyone help?

I too had that error with aptoide store before, it could just be their server that’s having issues, but I generally use my pc to search for apks that I want it’s much easier than typing with a remote on the ppm, and there are much more options out there, as for prime video check what version you’re running try and update that as well

Thanks for the response. I know nothing about Android technology, so how would I go about installing apks? (And what is an apk?) As for Prime Video, how can I update it if Aptoide isn’t working?

APK are android app package files, just type prime video apk in to google it should give you results for multiple different sites, google play is likely on top of the list but that’s the only one that won’t work since we don’t have google services, but all others should have the latest version of prime video and they should all be the same, either from apkmirror or apkpure is all fine, go in there click download,
grab a usb stick that’s formatted to either FAT32 or exFAT locate the apk file from your pc copy it to the usb stick, plug it to the back of the ppm, open file manager, click on USB scroll down to installable apps, click on it and install and you’re done, repeat for any other apps you want,
By the way every single app in the aptoide store can be found online plus apps that are not in the aptoide store, that’s the freedom of android.

Again. Very helpful. Thank you. I was able to do this, but the Prime Video and Disney Plus I tried still won’t work. Prime Video is saying there was an error connecting. Any chance these issues are with my projector? Do you recommend a factory reset?

For the record, I also reported the “It seems we are having some problems on our side. Please try again later.” issue here:

Seems like the download/settings-feature is heavily broken/buggy in the latest update Can’t download anything, can’t access the quality-settings either. Everything is very slow and unresponsive. Can’t tell if it’s a general error or something more persistent.