As an Android device, there should be an app for GeForce Now

GeForce Now is a system that render the necessary frames and stream it down to the user. Today I tested Fortnite on my laptop and got 18 FPS. But I also installed GeForce Now as an app and got 120 FPS.
I will try to install the Android App on the Philips Picopix Max tomorrow, but the reason I would suggest this is because it would be a nice thing to have out of the box.
I will keep You updated.

If it can be installed anyway, I don’t it needs to be preinstalled. I’m pretty sure people with GeForce Now subscription or Nvidia powered PC are a minority. I have it installed on mine but only because I wanted to try the cloud gaming feature but it isn’t available yet on my region. And I have AMD on my PC so it’s useless for local remote play as well.