At least... a standby function (with the remote control)

I just discover an undocumented function (at least on the official UG):
It’s now possible to put on standby the PPX620v2 by briefly pressing the power button on the remote control.
I didn’t try in real situation, but I guess it will be possible to spare a lot of battery for those who are using the PPX620 in professional environment.

Do you know other hidden functions?

I just notice a limitation of the standby: if you are connected with miracast. The standy mode disconnect the device from its source.
In consequence, this function can be useful only when the source is internal.

Using the wonderful standy function, I notice the focus setup is active during the standby.
It’s a misconception: there is no light, the setup can’t be correct. At the wake up, the picture is out of focus…
I assume that the automatic focuser is not put on standby at the same time as the lamp and the fan.
If this analysis is right, is it possible to correct this malfunction with a software update?