Audio died after 3 hours

My PPM arrived yesterday. Major happiness. After overcoming some obstacles, all was fine. Suddenly, switching it on again after dinner, the audio was down to just a fraction of the original sound it had in the afternoon. I wondered if the equipment would be too hot - it didn’t feel that way. I plugged in my earphones - the sound came through to the earphones but also quite low. I tested this morning, to have the PPM completely cold - the sound is still very low, perhaps 5 or 10 times lower than it was when I tried it for the first time. Between the sound being fine and then being very low there was no software upgrades. Any ideas?!

Have you tried lowering the volume and bringing it up again?
In my experience, it feels like sometimes even if the volume is maxed, it is actually not.
Volume controls is actually not responsive might be that the UI is adjusted but not the actual volume.

Thank you Kugiigi. Yes, I also tried that, both using the control buttons from the remote and the touch buttons on the PPM itself - the sound remained a tiny fraction of the original volume. :pensive:

I believe there’s an option to increase max volume but I’m not exactly sure.
Can you try going to Settings >> About and click on the Software version repeatedly until a menu appears on the right. Try to look for a settings for volume there. Perhaps that would help resetting the volume on your PPM.

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Nice trick - I entered those hidden menus. So, the PPM sound is still exactly as it was after some attempts of changing a few settings. No improvement - it is barely audible above the cooling fan noise at 1 metre of distance when the sound is in the max volume. On the other hand, I found the menu for bluetooth and managed to pair my PPM with an external speaker and now I can have a decent sound, better than the original one from the equipment, which I assume it would always be a last resort kind of option. Nevertheless, technically, it is failing, and it needs a solution.

Hi @Pedro.
If you go to the hidden default Android settings menu as @Philips_Support_P described below :

=> Maybe you could find some settings which could solve your issue (not tested).

Was a solution to this issue ever discovered?
I am experiencing the same issue and can not resolve the incredibly soft internal speaker volume bug.