Audio Lag - External Speakers

Noted that there is audio delay (~1s) when connecting via Aux to an external speaker. Same for Bluetooth speakers. Perhaps a setting somewhere to adjust the delay may fix this issue.

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are you playing directly from internal app, or via HDMI connection?

Lag is very small on my unit when playing to BT speakers, headphones, etc using internal apps. There is just the tiniest mismatch between mouths speaking and audio, well under 100ms I would guess. I have only tested with internal apps, Prime, VLC, etc, but not HDMI or USB-C video in.

I would also ask if it is internal app, what app and are you using a hard drive or usb stick.

You can adjust audio in VLC so that should help for that specific app.

I got this complaint recently and tested both internal and HDMI. There was no lag whatsoever. On Bluetooth there was a (guesstimate) 100ms lag using MX Player Pro and Echo Show 5. But on AirPods there was no lag.

Tell us a bit more about your setup. I’d like to get to the bottom of this. 1 sec lag is a lot in any scenario.

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on my other android devices, the audio delay settings is saved for the BT device, and every time connecting to same BT device the same delay is applied. However this does not work on the ppm internal VLC app even on screen it says it is saved. Any idea why?

Not sure don’t have the device yet so can’t check. What version of VLC is the PPM running. I just want to check if it is the same as on my current android. I will try playing with my setting to see if it is something that can be enabled/disabled, but you are right VLC normally does remember devices and lags.

Internal App - NetFlix

I can try again later and record down the lag. Using AudioPro Addon C5 speakers.

I also have significant lag when trying to play audio connecting to my receiver via bluetooth - enough to make video unwatchable. I’ve had mixed success with connecting audio out to the aux port - it worked with no lag once, but had lag other times. This was tested with Hulu, Netflix, youtube, as well as a local video from a usb drive via the vlc player and the other player app (can’t recall the name). Extremely frustrating! I’ve opened a bug report, but not getting any response beyond the initial request to test using a local video. Hoping we get a fix for this soon.

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I’m not particularly good in seeing lip sync issues but so far it’s good on mine.
Probably depends on your bluetooth speaker as well.

I have tested the Sony WH-1000XM3 over the ear headphone, and it’s really great as it cancels out the fan noise completely and allows me to enjoy the content perfectly without any lag.

I’ve had lesser results with my Pioneer SC-LX801 receiver via Bluetooth, as the sound lagged by as much as 1.4 seconds and sometimes would break up all together and sound choppy. I haven’t tested the receiver with other Bluetooth sources yet, so I can’t tell if it’s the PPM or the receiver(‘s location in the cabinet) that’s at fault.

Huge lag on mine too, unwatchable. Setup was airplay from phone to projector, and Bluetooth speaker.

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I intend to have a similar setup, possibly it could be reproduced and fixed.

Hey all, I’m getting this issue with my speakers, I have my pc connected to hdmi, then an aux from pico to speakers, and it’s causing a 1 to 2 second delay with audio. Any ideas how to fix?

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