Audio stops after a silent movie scene

I’m using Chromecast via HDMI, audio connected via 3.5 mm jack to an external speaker (JBL Charge4).

Everything is going fine (audio in sync)… until there is a quite (no sound) moment in e.g. a movie. When the audio in the movie returns (e.g. someone start talking again), it takes a couple of seconds to enable audio again in the speaker. It looks like the PPM stops sending audio to the speaker when there is no movie sound, however enabling sound again takes a couple of seconds. This is pretty annoying, losing sound couple of times during a movie.

Hard to explain, let me know if I need to explain further.

Can you give an example of a movie in which this happens and at which point in the movie?
Also, if you use the internal speaker, does the same thing happen?

No particular movie. Have it with Netflix, NPO (Dutch streaming service) and all the others.

Managed to film it, hope it explains it more clearly:

The Netflix tune starts, audio kicks in later. Also happens during movies.

Doesn’t happen with internal speaker.

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It looks like it’s a sort of battery saver feature which cut streaming until sound is back, but which looses some milliseconds of sound during its reactivation…
Is this kind of feature enabled in your Bluetooth device, and is it possible to deactivate it ?

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