Australia – Stan & Binge playback issues

Hi all, I’m having issues getting Stan and Binge streaming services to play.

– App doesn’t play audio on PicoPix Max (Picture only)
– Won’t Airplay from iOS

– App doesn’t work
– Won’t Airplay from iOS

If this is a DRM issue like Netflix then I guess that’s it. Anyone who can help it would be most appreciated!


Same issues with both. After months of trying to fix Stan after it suddenly stopped playing sound, I fixed it by changing the quality setting to low. Start playing something and click the cog to change the setting.

Came here hoping someone would have a fix for Binge.

Any news on these issues?

I got Binge working with the latest app update, but Stan still won’t work (no audio) unless you choose SD.

Sucks to have a 1080p projector only to project 480p

I had the same problem

I downloaded the apk file for Stan from my phone browser, uploaded to picopix through telegram, installed it and now I can watch Stan with high resolution no problems hope this helps

Its been a while on this but has anyone got a solution for Binge and the no sound on Stan
Pretty frustrating

Well, I have faced a similar sort of problem; I tried troubleshooting on my own but couldn’t, then I contacted 1800 431 401 on this number, and those guys were helpful enough to fix it.

Guess no-one has found fixes for this