Auto focus system and warranty

Dear Philips,

A good number of devices received have auto focus problem which Philips has now acknowledged, and claimed to have been fixed in later production. However, those who have received the products before the fix (myself included) is living with a time bomb, and the focus system can fail over time. This is now a known design/manufacturing/quality problem but some of us are living with the defects.

Since this is a portable device, and the chance of auto focus failure is great and will increase over time. I understand the product carries a 2 years warranty, but I afraid it may not be enough for devices which were manufactured prior to the fix.

So I am requesting Philips to increase the warranty for those devices which were manufactured prior to the auto focus fix. I believe an additional 2 years of warranty if fair for us who is living with the time bomb.

Look forward to your affirmative feedback!

Best regards,


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I agree with this. I have a “pre-fix” model as well.
Either extend the warranty on the focus system, or replace ours with new, fixed versions.

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What is the Pre-Fix?
How can I tell if mine is that or fixed?

What about a recall on the prefix ones… That’s what recalls are for right?

Hi everyone, I understand your concern, thank you for voicing it. Recall is for cases when the defect causes damage to the product or to the user, or if it makes more sense to recall and replace all at once. The total number of defective autofocus, pre-fix and post-fix all combined, is still within expected failure rate.

Instead of recall, all such devices are covered by the 2-year international warranty. The purpose of a warranty is specifically for similar manufacturing defects.

Lastly I would also like to say, defects such as these happen on a subset of units. It doesn’t mean all pre-fix units have this problem (or they would’ve been received defective out of the box). So, please don’t worry about this. Philips Projection stands 100% behind the products’ build quality and our After Sales are honouring all such warranty claims on urgent basis. Note that the initial problems with delayed replacement are now mostly resolved.

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Well I’m glad you’re confident about it :roll_eyes:

It’d be really easy to trust you guys more if you guys didn’t totally screw up so much… It really seems like the whole operation is run by a badger with pencils taped to it’s paws.

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You can’t say that about badgers, what did they do to you? Logistics procurement and project management could well be where they excel (the badgers, just for clarity)

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