Auto Turn-off Function Weird Behavior

I tried turning on the “Auto Turn off for inactivity” through the Android settings. I set it to 30 minutes (the minimum) and it does indeed turn off the projector. However, after a minute or two, it will turn back on in HDMI mode [No Signal] (no input at all, only usb-c for power and AUX input). The bigger problem is that when it turns back on, the fans are OFF. This poses a huge problem as even in energy savings mode, the fan(s?) are very audible.

I was wonder if anyone else tried this auto-off function.
You can get to it from Projector Settings -> About -> Press OK on Software Version 5 times -> Device Preferences -> Screen Saver.

I am on version 1.0.24 btw. I only have the auto-off on, the screen saver is set to never.

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Did you ever get this solved, with a firmware update for instance?

No, I stopped using this option all together as the bug still persisted on version 1.0.25. Not sure if any damage has been done, but I would wake up to the projector in ‘No Signal’ mode w/ no fan on. The casing would be ‘hot’ to the touch as I could only power it off by holding down the power button on the unit. (The remote was unresponsive)

So far, the projector works w/o issue even after this happening several times.

Instead I use the timed shutdown option in the main Projector Settings -> Power option.

Interesting! I wonder at which temperature the hardware will trip its cutoff (the LED driver should eventually disable even with a non-responsive Android OS or a malfunctioning fan). There was some indication that the fan was controlled by the V56 but that might be incorrect if you ended up in a situation with “no signal” being displayed (handled by V56) but no fan…

After having some weird shut down and reboot issues last night I found this post,
Then checked the screen saver section as suggested by MrTaro and found screen saver was set to 5 minutes but put device to sleep was on never,

Anyway I have since tested both screen saver after 5 minutes and putting device to sleep after 30 minutes and they both give the same result, that is

Screen goes blank, lamp turns off, fan shuts down, everything appears as if it’s off but it isn’t, because on my Bluetooth speakers there is a blue light and when nothing is connected it will flash but a solid blue light when the connection is active, also as I’m running on battery only and not plugged in the blue light on top of the projector is also on,

But what’s weird is during this state the remote can not turn it back on even if pointing at the back IR sensor, the power button won’t turn it on either
So I held down the power button and after exactly 10 seconds the blue light switched off, the blue light on my speakers also started flashing indicating the connection is cut,
Now I am able to switch the projector back on with the remote as usual,

But after testing the putting device to sleep after 30 minute option I waited over 5 minutes and the projector did not turn back on by it self, not sure if it’s because of the new firmware or I didn’t have it plugged in ,
So I decided to plug in power and see if it might power on automatically with out the fan working as what happened to MrTaro,
But shortly after plugging in power the lamp briefly flashed then it powered off without me having to hold down the back power button this time , and it went back to normal with the remote being functional again in the usual way,

But to be on the safe side I still decided to turn all options in screen saver to never auto off or sleep and never start the screen saver at all.

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I had this exact same problem yesterday. I had a DVD player connected to HDMI and an amplifier connected to the audio jack. No picture or fan, but sounds through the jack.

I couldn’t find this thread last night, so thanks for commenting it to the top of the forum! I had already come to the conclusion that it was because I had fiddled with the sleep/screensaver. I will test it out again today after returning those to original settings.


From what I understand, you guys are using a feature in the hidden android menu? Auto-shutdown seems to work fine on mine but I’m using the one in the settings app. I wouldn’t suggest using features from the hidden menu because most likely they are untested and might only work on normal Android on phones/tablets.

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@PhilipsEngineering -

I believe this bug, not the HDMI CEC setting, is causing the turn on without a fan issue. Please ensure that in 1.1.03 and beyond, hidden menu screensaver and Android auto sleep are set to off in every firmware release. I had not turned on Android auto sleep myself, but that was in fact enabled at 5 minutes on my PPM. Or better yet, hard code these values to off so they cannot be accidentally enabled.

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