Automatic Horizontal Keystone Correction

Hi @PhilipsNono @IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_3

Loving the ability to take the PPM from my living room to bedroom. Every time I bring the PPM into the bedroom however, I need to manually adjust the 4 corners since the PPM is sitting on my side table.

Any way we can have automatic horizontal keystone correction? If not (due to hardware limitations), I would suggest incorporating a “Settings Profile” so users can save their preferred viewing layout. i.e. “Bedroom” or “Living room” profile.


How are you able to do this manually?

Go to keystone correction and turn it off. A new line with 4 corner correction will appear. You can use your remote te move each corner individually. Works only for internal sources though.

On the feature request: count me in! Would be awesome if multiple profiles would be possible. Might still be difficult to put it back at the exact same position every time though.


I have a slightly different situation in that my PPM is on a ceiling mount. But as the wall is at a slight angle, the vertical autocorrection is always off by just enough for it skew the image just enough to be annoying. So if I want it to be correct, I have to manually correct it every single time I start the projector - and that is just a PITA.
A manual profile save option would be ACE!

Every time I start the projector, the keystone is totally off for me. It does not remember its last setting. A settings profile would be great, with the possibility of setting a default profile as well! Would increase my satisfaction with this product tenfolds :slight_smile:

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