AV1 Video Decoding

I just read that “Google reportedly requires new Android TV devices support AV1 video decoding”

Is our PPM able to support AV1? So that maybe in a bright future Android TV might be an option?

Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/google-requires-new-android-tv-av1-video-decoding/#google_ads_iframe_/8095840/.2_A.35948.3_xda-developers.com_tier1_0:~:text=Android%20TV%20devices%20launching%20after%20March%2031%2C%202021

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Never gonna happen unfortunately. Google won’t retroactively certify devices, so we’re never getting Android TV. This was brought up before during the “Google Play/Store support” queries early on.

PPM will never get Android TV but it looks like there will be an Android TV version of PPM.
There’s a category here for Micro 2 TV and I swear I saw PPM TV too but it;s gone now :slight_smile: