Battery burned out?


Tonight I wanted to use my picopix for the 5th time when the beamer, out of nowhere, went black and the power in the house had a fallout. When I enabled the power in the house everything started working again but since then the picopix won’t work. Not on the battery nor on the lightning cable. Also the charger makes a strange noise, like something is loose inside the charger.

What can I do know?

There have been thunderstorms over The Netherlands this evening, could it be your home / area got hit by lightning?

In any case, can you describe the situation bit better?

  • Was the PPX connected to the charger when it happened?
  • Did only one fuse trigger, or were all the electricity groups triggered at once?
  • Is there physical damage to be seen?
  • Can you smell a burnt smell, and if so, where?

Gee hopefully you get it sorted and it’s only the charger that’s fried, perhaps try a different charger see if that works, guess this serves as a reminder for the rest of us to maybe get a surge protector or at least unplug it when not in use, a few years ago due to a massive power surge I lost 2 split system aircons and a modem so they can be costly.


Hi IvoG,

There was a thunderstorm but when the picopix wen’t black the lightningstorm hans’t begun.

To describe the situation, the picopix was connected to the charger when the main fuse got triggered. When you look at the picopix you don’t see any damage and their was no funny smell but the charger was very warm when the picopix wen’t black. When I pulled the charger out of the power socket there was a small spark and you can hear something is loose inside the charger.

I’ve tested the picopix this morning again (without charger), but still with no result. It looks like the charger damaged the battery or something like that.

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its already high currect (buzz sound) going into the ppm from the charger any electric spike i think will damage it . or correct me please.

Were you watching something from an external source (HDMI or USB-C) by chance?

It could be that your charger was already defective, and that you didn’t realize it wasn’t charging the PPX properly or at all. Then because you were using an external source, the battery warning did not show, and the battery actually ran out. Now when you connect the deceased charger to the PPX nothing happens, and without power you can’t charge it.

This theory doesn’t explain the circuit breaker tripping, and especially not the whole house, but it could explain why you have an empty battery and no power being supplied to your PPX.

If you have a similarly specced charger or powerbank you can test whether it will charge the PPX, albeit slowly.
Otherwise we could arrange for me to meet you to test my working charger and troubleshoot where the issue lies. I live in Utrecht so either you could come to my place or I can come to yours.
PM me if you think you want to try this approach.

Hai IvoG,

That would be fantastic if you can come by! I live in Badhoevedorp so thats not that far away.

I watched Netflix on the picopix and the battery charging light was burning so it was working when I used it. Can we arrange a appointment for this week or do you prefer next week?

I went by this user today, and his unit would not turn on anymore.
I plugged my working charger into the wall socket, connected it to his PPX, and the blue led came on!
Then we tried to turn it on, and it did! The battery was at 100%, so it was some sort of protection(?) that was stopping it from powering up.

We then turned our attention to his charger. We plugged it into a wall socket by itself, with nothing connected to it. No fuses blew nor were there any sparks or similar. We then tried to charge a powerbank I had with me, to no avail.

So I now believe the charger died in such a spectacular fashion that it triggered the home’s circuit breakers, and sent the PPX in a self preservation mode.
Does this sound plausible @PhilipsEngineering?


Over and above that can kind of service. I tip my hat to you sir.