Battery on PicoPix Max NOT charging fully

Hey I hope everyone is doing well. I have been noticing for the past 2 months that my battery will be fully charged but would not get past 92%. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have tried again and again and it only seems to be getting lowered and lowered with time progression. @Philips_Support_P

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Have you tried doing a full reset? There have been quite a few adjustments done to the device since it’s launch. I was having terrible issues with Colour and decided to fully reset with the latest OS installed and it’s now looking a lot better even so all the settings are set the same.
If it’s still not running right after a full reset then I would raise a support call. The Battery in the PPM is a beast and I wouldn’t mess around if there is a fault with the charging or battery.

Mine goes not up to 78 %…

I’m also on the latest firmware version and I just noticed this as well. I usually use it plugged in but from time to time I use it with battery until the 15% warning. So just the other day, I plugged it in again after using the battery and at the end of the day (actually the next day already :laughing:), I noticed that it only says 92% when I was about to turn it off already. I think I’ve noticed 92% a couple of times already. However, I also noticed that when booting it up again, it will show that it’s 100% charged. So perhaps a percentage error that a reboot fixes? In any case, this is indeed a regression that needs to be fixed.

I’ve had this issue since early days. When I leave the ppm plugged in the lights flash blue and red. It never gets higher than 87% battery though

The same here… I think is a latest firmware glitch.