Battery Replacement

Is the battery in the PPM replaceable? With time as with all batteries it will degrade.

While fixing the focus wheel on his ppm, a user has open up his ppm with a few screws (no hot glue etc :+1:) and took pictures along the way (on the Facebook group). The battery is accessible and serviceable. By the time the battery dies your ppm will be well pass it’s warranty.
The difficulty is to find the correct part (the same battery but new)

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I hope Philips will provide this in future. 30 000 hours of LED means the battery will give up first. I really hope it will not swell/bloat up.

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@PhilipsEngineering any idea on this buddy?

Are the teardown pictures available here on the forum as well and not just on Facebook? Or maybe @prashant have done some semi-official teardown? :slight_smile: