Best way to connect soundbar? Wireless possible?

I’ve had this for some time - and have not used it a lot, but am finally getting around to creating a nicer setup. I’m researching screens, and also a soundbar. I’ve been happy with Sonos products, and I like the idea of the sound system being dual purpose (IE I can use it for music when not watching movies).
Does anyone have any experience with sound/speaker setups with this projector that they recommend? and what sort of installation they have.

I am using mine in my living room - for occasional use. I have another tv I use for watching movies, but sometimes I want to do a big thing in my living room. One of the reasons I like this type of projector - is that it practically disappears when not in use. So I’m looking for unobtrusive systems.


Hi @kguarnotta the Screeneo U5 supports eARC on the HDMI 2 port. So you should have no problem connecting a Sonos Arc or Beam to it. Note that only Sonos soundbars support wired connection to TVs/projectors.

You can also connect other brand external speakers via HDMI 2 (eARC), or the coaxial and optical digital outputs at the back. As a last resort you can also use the 3.5mm AUX audio output but that will only output stereo sound.

For wireless options you can try Chromecast in your streaming apps. For more info please look up standard Android TV user guides.

Another wireless option is Bluetooth, this is however also limited to stereo output.