Blinking issue (arbid)

I have waited and watched before raising this issue. It looks like one issue reduces and the other starts with Pico pix. I love the projector but these issues are persistent and bloody annoying.
This one is a giving me a big headache(earlier the volume issue)
Like I said issue is black screen blinking(arbid). Any ones got any idea about this issue ? Happens in prime and Netflix.

Can you make a clip of this happening please? I can’t quite imagine what you mean exactly.

Haven’t seen this before, neither personally nor on the forum.
Can you describe how often this happens, when it happens, if on battery power or with the charging cable plugged in.

Come to think of it: what happens to the LED light on the top left of the unit when this happens, does it switch from blue or red perhaps?

Is it possible Abi and I got units from the same batch? I had the same issue with the volume, which seems to have been fixed since the latest software update, but now I have the same issue with the screen blinking off.

Same question for you Clive:

Ok with yesterday night’s observation.

  1. It seems to be only Amazon prime currently(there is an error message which I have attached related to hdmi comes up for no reason. Hdmi is not used nor plugged into).
  2. Blinking happens whether it is on charge or no.
  3. No effect on the led.

@Clive do you face the issue on home screen, I have not(atleast yet)
And has the volume issue completely disappeared? Mine comes back occasionally

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Hi @Abi,

  1. HDMI message on Prime TV is a known issue — please try playing again, it should start up fine and not cause any problems. (The Android OS is connected via an internal HDMI connection to the video chip.)

  2. Does the blank screen flash only happen in those 2 apps, or even in the home screen or other apps? It looks to me like the momentary flash when switching from battery to power. If you’ve not connected power and it still happens, it could be a weak battery that’s not able to supply peak current.

I missed the volume issue: is it the same problem that the volume output is too low? It should be solved in the latest SW, but you can also manually change it by connecting and HDMI device, changing the (hardware volume) up to max, then disconnecting and changing the (software volume) to max.

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Hi Prashant

Hdmi message : I figured it works after pressing ok but the reason I put this issue up here to see if it is also the cause for the blinking issue.
I don’t think the blank screen issue is because of charging or battery(definitely not while switching from power to battery, have tried it). It happens anyways but I have serious doubts on prime app itself. Like I mentioned earlier it is not happening in other apps and home screen.

Volume issue is the volume bar appearing on screen and not going away. And also increasing the volume to max on its own. After the update I don’t see it happen often but does occur once in a while where I reduce the volume slowly on the device touch pad. But erratic not able to figure exactly when it happens.

Hi @Abi thanks for providing details. If the issue happens only in the Prime TV version, try also the tablet version. You can keep both the tablet and TV version installed, and check if the frequency of it happening varies.

For the volume issue, it sounds like either a button on the remote or the touchpad is faulty. How often does it occur? Are you able to remove the batteries from the remote just for the purpose of testing? (you can use the touchpad or another mouse meanwhile).

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Hi Prashant,

Latest observations:

I might have found a solution but it is not ideal case. Keep the battery fully charged throughout and the issue did not occur at all. Neither the flickering nor volume bar. But it is a portable projector and this can’t be the solution .(reg volume bar issue I have tried all suggestions given by you earlier and dint help, I have also tried disconnected airmote)
I m going to drain the battery more and see if it re occurs.
Will keep you posted.

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I still have this blinking issue. Happens most times I use it. Have tried to just put up with it, but I barely use the PicoPix because of the issue.